3D rendering specialist about

Hello, my name is Richel la Rosa Román, a specialist in 3D Rendering. I found my passion in design and restructuring and since then I have tried to improve my skills to obtain better results every day, first with live projects and now with 3D renders, I can visualize spaces and products with excellent quality and realism.


I wanted a simple allegory that would convey something related to 3D with something personal, where the letter R is the initial of both my name and my surnames, and that combination was interesting and easy for me to remember.

Values & Skills

Ability to work under pressure

Time is essential and having a professional with the necessary experience and with a management system to be able to carry out several projects at the same time is a key factor for any project.

I am constantly evolving with the software

Software is constantly evolving and in this profession, you cannot afford to stop learning new skills, we are aware of it, to provide a professional and up-to-date service with current requirements.

Adaptability in multicultural contexts

Working with people from other countries on some occasions can be complicated. We have an open mind and we have experience and handle several languages so that communication is more fluid.

I love to collaborate and make awesome content. Let’s talk!